Related Sites:
Trilobuild: Peter Hooper is building a T24 in Sitka, and has an open group on Facebook to document his progress. Rob Allen's T16, Voyager and other Tboat projects. Shantyboats . . . Houseboats . . . Affordable Living on the Water

Jamestown Distributors: Bronze, ring-shank nails and basic boat hardware.
McFeelys: Square drive fasteners and cool tools.

Tools: Good quality tools and hardware.
Northern Tools: Reasonable quality tools, hardware and tarps.
Harbor Freight: Lower quality tools (but usually quite servicable), hardware and good tarps. Tend to be slow in delivery, but we find ourselves doing a lot of business here.

Campmor: Good prices on camping gear.
Cabelas: Very good camping gear for higher prices.
Sportsman's Guide: Bargain shopping... military and commercial surplus.
Kelly Kettle: Solid fuel water heater... check it out!

Duckworks Magazine: Great ‘Zine for homebuilders.
Messing About in Boats: The little ‘Zine that could.
The Mother of All Maritime Links

Rigging Articles:
Crab Claw and Holopuni ‘QuickRig’
Tyvek Sails

Miscellaneous search Subjects:
crab claw rig – Lots of good stuff comes up, and more all the time!
EcoFuel – Canned heat system that looks great for in-board cooking.
No home page, so search for suppliers.

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