3D TriloBoat Model Tours

I've prepared some videos using 3D models of various incarnations of the TriloBoat formula for your viewing pleasure. They give a little idea of the range of applications for the basic, box barge hullform.

To activate, click on the picture of the boat you'd like to view. Your computer's viewer should pick up and load the short video for playing.

Please note that not all of these have plans associated with them, and I don't do custom work. At present, they're in the nature of doodles to a greater or lesser degree of finish.

If you purchase any one of the StudyPLANs I sell, they and the FAQ Page contain the gist of TriloBoat design philosophy. This will be amplified in the forthcoming TriloBoats DIY Book (2012?) What's stopping you?


This is the design that started it all. We wanted a quick-to-build camper-cruiser to build in Lago Maggiore, Italy (where Anke's Mother lives). Never happened, yet, but had a lot of fun getting ready.

The eight foot cabin sole makes for comfortable sleeping for two, without the backache often associated with small, rocker bottom boats.

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T16x4 Plans Package



This is what I call my 'standard layout', referring to the hull divisions of 1/4 fwd - 1/2 mid - 1/4 aft. This generates plywood efficiencies, building with single-sized, longitudinal sheets. T24s, built with 8ft sheets, are 'three sheet boats'.

The interior is one sample approach. Dinette makes down to a double bed.

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T24x8,10,12 StudyPLANs


T26x7 Slacktide

Here's our current baby. Not a standard TriloBoat... we even broke the 'one sheet wide' rule (I regret it, now... wasted time and material for unnoticable gain). Our first year aboard has been great... this coming year, we'll get to be sailing more. We'll keep you posted.

The interior is tent-style; what James Wharram dubbed "flexi-space." We sit on the carpeted floor and lean on cushions. Roll out the bedding at night. If you like being close to the water, this is a fine way to live.

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T26x7,8,9,10 StudyPLANs


T32x12 Mary Elisabeth

Andy Stoner built Mary Elisabeth with our help in 10 winter weeks in Alaska. None of us are pros. He's had it out hunting and fishing, filled to the brim with Pennsylvanians. Good times had by all. Anke and I stayed aboard while building Slacktide. We were warm and comfortable through another winter. Great boat for big groups of friends.

Andy designed his own interior to sleep eight (4 foward in 2 double bunks, 2 in dinette and settee back swings up to sleep 2 in bunk beds... he's done it with a passel of big fellers!)

click to download Mary Elisabeth Tour Video

T32x8,10,12,16 StudyPLANs




This hopeful monster was originally doodled for the AIT (Around In Ten) Race. At the time, the deadline was approaching, and it had to be buildable in two months to qualify (the race has been delayed). Also, some entrants were low-budget adventurers. I believe B'TUGLY could be a contender in any event.

It's main feature is the mid-body well, into which one can strap oneself when the going gets wild. It maximizes interior space and view. Not shown are the probable bearing board and trim tabs aft (to keep the end from squatting in a planing run) and rudder plate.

I'd probably use a different sail plan... just tried this one on for size. Cat yawl or stays'l rigs fit the interior.


B'Tugly T10X4 StudyPLANS



T32X8, 10, 12, 16 CARGO

This design was inspired by the folks at sail transport network, who are running cargo under sail around Puget Sound, Washington. It's designed for a working crew (not a liveaboard) to carry goods and/or materials.

click to download T38 Cargo Tour Video

T32X8, 10, 12, 16 CARGO studyPLANs


T32X8, 10, 12, LUNA

This design combines our former liveaboard, Luna, based on Phil Bolger's AS 29, with the Triloboats concept.


T32X8, 10, 12 LUNA studyPLANs



Additional Concept

Here are a design that's on the drawing board at this point—no plans exist at the moment


This is a design my sister has been considering. Both hulls are TriloBoat formula (T40x4), with step-cutwaters under the bows. These would be sacrificial glassed foam or ply add-ons, or could be eliminated with lower bow rise.

Safety and hand rails and ladders (into the ama wells) aren't shown. Considering roller-furled twin stays'l rig.

Note that the engineering of the cabin/bridge needs to be reviewed by professional naval architect (don't try this at home, kids!).

click to download T40X20 Catamaran Tour Video

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